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Dagwoods Sandwichs Et Salades

Dagwoods Sandwichs Et Salades

Full Description

At Dagwoods, we’re proud to say we were created by Montrealers, and today we are still 100% owned and operated by a young and dynamic hometown staff.

We sliced our first Dagwoods sandwich back in 1989 at our flagship D.D.O. location. Our goal was – and still is, to offer Montrealers a fresh alternative to fast food.That’s why we always bake our bread fresh, slice top-quality cold cuts right before our customers’ eyes, top our sandwiches with crispy fresh toppings, and of course, pour on our most delicious Dagwoods special sauce.

When you visit any of our locations, you’re always greeted with a friendly smile, and made to feel like you’re part of the family. That’s how we’ve grown to so many locations all over Montreal and now we’re proud to expand to other cities such as our newest location in Kanata, Ottawa.



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